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Tuesday, May 18, 2010



Yo! Today i'll be introducing some good manga. The first title is 死神様に最期のお願いを (shinigami sama ni saigo no onegai wo) which means something like "the last wish to the death god". The manga was a one shot in Gangan Online and later been turn into a manga seriallized in Gangan Jocker.The story is about the main character, Shizuka, who is sentenced to death for killing the whole family. However, a cute shinigami who is his own little sister (don't ask me how she became a shinigami, the story haven't tell me yet), Hibiki, who comes to take his brother to hell eventually found out that people are not as simple as it seems and they both promiss to find out the truth of the murder of the family.
Overall the story is quite dark and phycological and for people who enjoy reading titles like death note or shingohumi, it is highly recomanded. The story is quite twisted but still can be understood and also not as violence as the manga Last Order or Mirai Niki.

For the next manga, 侵略!イカ娘 (shinryaku ika musume), is a story about a squid girl who is sick and tried of human poluting the sea, comes to the surface and try to take over the earth and pay back! But eventually she fail at every attamp and the story is very funny. Also the manga has got an anime adaption comfirm too! (>.<)
Before i end this post... this is the song that is in my head for a few days now and i would like to share it... haha.... (>_<) (next time when i can't sleep, i should start to count the hachunes haha...)


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